No Downloads! No Spying! Just a Browser!

Using the latest web technologies and leveraging your web browsers capabilities (GPU, CPU, RAM), we're able to provide an easy to use web-based conference system that doesn't require you to download an App (which could spy on you during the day, without the App even being open).

Everytime you use Twixxel, you'll probably see new features but please know, under the hood we're constantly updating the system to prevent downtime and enhance our product and why we're FREELY allowing up to 10,000 users at any given time in one conference!

Our MISSION. Our GOAL. Staying Connected!

As we strive to build the best internet conference system, we won't skip thinking about our end-users. As we're in an early public beta, expect issues but also expect great features and rapid bug fixes that can be applied without ever updating Apps- just refresh your browser!

Twixxel Video Conference

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